12 Best Shoulder Exercises & Workouts for Men

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Are you ready to try something new and build strength in your shoulders? If so, then you’re in luck! We’ve got some of the best shoulder exercises designed just for men to help you get the most out of your workouts. From basic bodyweight moves like Push Ups and Military Presses to more specialized movements like Supersets and Pendulum Swings.

We have a full range of exercises targeting various muscles in your shoulders. Along with helping tone up those biceps and triceps, these should also help improve overall stability and posture, allowing you to lift heavier weights or run faster with ease. So strap on some comfortable shoes and get ready for 12 great shoulder exercises & workouts for men.

What are the different shoulder muscles?

Shoulder muscles are essential for a wide range of movements in your body and proper strength and stability. Understanding different shoulder muscles are important for any successful workout in this area, as different muscles are responsible for different movements. The Trapezius and Deltoid Muscles are responsible for the movement of the arm away from the body, meaning they would be included in any shoulder workout.

The Pectoralis Major and Rhomboid Major help with shoulder stability, while the Serratus Anterior works on shoulder pushing exercises. The Rotator cuff muscle is important to include in any shoulder workout as it helps strengthen the position of your arms. All these different shoulder muscles can be worked out with basic moves like a dumbbell, barbell press, or resistance bands to give your shoulders an effective full-body workout.

Best Shoulder Exercises & Workouts for Men

1. Military Press

Equipment: Barbell

Military Press

Military Press is a great exercise for men looking to bulk up their shoulders and reduce overall body fat. This workout can be done standing, seated, or lying on a bench. By engaging the anterior and posterior deltoids in the shoulder joint and your triceps, Military Press offers an effective workout to help build strength and stability in the shoulder area.

A shoulder press is also great for building bone density as it requires pushing up against gravity using only your arms and shoulder blade muscles. When performing Military Press, keep your elbows close to your sides for optimal results – if you let them flare out too wide, you’re not getting the full benefit of the exercise. Additionally, exhale with force on each Raise of both hands to ensure efficient maximum gains from this shoulder workout.

2. Barbell High Pull

Equipment: Barbell

Barbell High Pull

Barbell High Pull is the perfect shoulder exercise for men who want to strengthen their shoulders. With this workout, you’ll be able to build muscle and increase strength in your delts. You begin in a starting position that is in line with your elbow. Then holding the Barbell, pull it up towards your shoulder height with as much force as possible.

As you lift it over your head, engage your deltoid and keep pulling until the Barbell goes overhead level – that’s when the Barbell High Pull has been successfully completed. For best results, always remember to control the Barbell as you raise your arms; don’t let momentum take control of it. Otherwise, there won’t be any benefit gained from this exercise.

3. Lateral Raise

Equipment: Dumbbell

Lateral Raise
(Image Credit: Unsplash)

Lateral Raise is an incredibly effective shoulder workout that’s perfect for men. To start this exercise, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a pair of dumbbells near each thigh.

It would be best if you lifted the weights straight up overhead, so your palms face away from your body at the top of the movement. Remember to keep your shoulder blades together during the entire Lateral Raise. As you do so, engage your core and slightly tilt the head back to look towards the ceiling to ensure the proper form.

As you lower the weights back down, repeat what you did when you lifted them up – keep those shoulder blades together and even try to really squeeze them for a few seconds at the end of each Lateral Raise repetition. Lateral Raise is a great exercise, giving remarkable results in developing shoulders.

4. Barbell Front Raises

Equipment: Barbell

YouTube video

Barbell Front Raises is a great shoulder workout and exercise for guys to add to their daily routine. This exercise uses a barbell, held with both arms straight and secured. With one dumbbell in each hand, hold the Barbell upright as if performing an upright row. When raising the Barbell Front Raise, keep the range of motion slow and lift to shoulder level before slowly lowering again.

Barbell Front Raises strengthens your deltoids, pecs, and triceps while targeting your rotator muscles, increasing mobility throughout your shoulders. By adding Barbell Front Raises to your routine, you’ll know you are working out smarter, and your body will thank you.

5. Standing Cable Pulley Fly

Equipment: Pulley System

Standing Cable Pulley Fly
(Image Credit: Unsplash)

Standing Cable Pulley Fly is an amazing shoulder workout & exercise for men. It helps strengthen the back muscles, promotes good posture, and gives your upper body an overall toned look that can help make you look like a professional athlete. The exercise involves starting at a standing position, with knees slightly bent and arms extended forward in parallel towards the floor.

Then, pulling the handle of each cable towards each other works to engage the muscles in your chest and upper back. After this move, return to the starting position and repeat the Standing Cable Pulley Fly several times for optimal results. This great workout strengthens your front and back muscles while providing an overall toned appearance, so it’s no wonder Standing Cable Pulley Fly is one of the best shoulder exercises for men.

6. Cable Lateral Fly

Equipment: Pully System

YouTube video

Cable Lateral Fly is an amazing shoulder workout for men with tremendous results that rivals the traditional dumbbell shoulder press. It allows men to build boulder shoulders and can be essential to any workout routine. Cable lateral flies are executed while standing beside a weighted pulley, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms holding each handle parallel to the floor.

You then pull out on both handles and bring your arms back to their starting position for the allotted number of reps. This exercise keeps tension on the muscle for the entire movement pattern and can produce amazing results when performed correctly. Cable Lateral Fly is a necessary exercise in any man’s fitness routine, with big rewards.

7. Cable Front Raises

Equipment: Pulley System

cable front raises
(Image Credit: Unsplash)

Cable Front Raises is an outstanding workout for men looking to build mass in the shoulders that should be part of any rigorous fitness routine. Cable Front Raises involve standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and gripping a cable handle with your palm facing upward, raising it toward the sides of your head while keeping your upper arm in a static position.

This exercise should be done through a full range of motion, sinking as low as you are comfortable and then lifting until your wrists are even with the height of your shoulders. Cable Front Raises benefit men’s shoulders by giving them a great strength workout while simultaneously building balanced muscle tone and size. The Cable Front Raise is a fantastic way to get the most out of any shoulder workout and is guaranteed to produce amazing results.

8. Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press

Equipment: Dumbbell

Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press
(Image Credit: Unsplash)

Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press is an amazing shoulder workout and exercise for men! Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press is a great way to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders, and it is one of the best exercises to improve your shoulder health. This workout begins with you standing with a dumbbell in each hand, ensuring your feet are shoulder-width apart. You then push the weights up in an explosive motion while simultaneously pressing them above your head.

This helps to build stability and strength in your shoulders, as well as helps engage more muscles than simply raising the weights separately would do. Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press is an intense, effective exercise to help revamp and strengthen your shoulders- not just physically but mentally too! The press must focus on form and applies pressure to muscle groups, making it one of the most comprehensive shoulder workouts.

9. Cable Face Pulls

Equipment: Pulley System

YouTube video

Cable Face Pulls is an amazing shoulder workout and exercise for men that effectively work out a group of muscles. This type of workout uses cables to create resistance to pull the weight towards your face, utilizing your wrist backward towards your shoulders with your palms facing up. Cable Face Pulls are one of the best shoulder workouts for men as it helps to engage multiple muscle groups in the back and shoulder area.

Cable Face Pulls are great exercises that target weak muscles, making them stronger and healthier. With Cable Face Pulls, men can be sure of a well-toned body and improved posture, as well as reduced risk of injury from improper use of weights in other workouts. If you’re looking for an effective shoulder workout routine for men, Cable Face Pulls should definitely be included.

10. Straight Arm Circles

Equipment: None

YouTube video

Straight Arm Circles is an excellent shoulder workout for men looking to tone, build strength, and alleviate shoulder pain. Straightforward Arm Circle exercises target the back of the shoulder, allowing you to activate your shoulder muscles never before thought possible.

Moreover, Straight Arm Circles can help men work their shoulders properly during heavy overhead movements such as the Shoulder Press while also providing extra mobility through an added range of motion.

Men who take Straight Arm Circle seriously will not only see an increase in the size and strength of their shoulders but may even reduce any signs of discomfort in that area due to improved posture and tension release. Straight arm circles are one of the most useful tools out there for men looking to get the best from their shoulder training.

11. Single Dumbbell Front Raise

Equipment: Dumbbell

YouTube video

Single Dumbbell Front Raise is a great exercise that can be done regularly to target your shoulder muscles. Using one dumbbell at a time, you can focus on each shoulder, ensuring they both get the attention they need.

To get the most out of this exercise, make sure you keep your core tight and pull your shoulder blades back as you raise the dumbbell with your palm facing forward. Single Dumbbell Front Raise will help keep your shoulders strong and toned, making it the perfect workout for men looking to stay in shape.

12. Standing Barbell Shrugs

Equipment: Barbell

YouTube video

Standing Barbell Shrugs is an essential shoulder workout for men because it simultaneously strengthens and tones the shoulders. Standing shoulder shrugs help to add mobility in the front of your shoulder, which can be neglected when focusing on other areas of your physical training.

This exercise allows you to use one shoulder at a time, developing a more intense workout as each side strengthens independently. Standing Barbell Shrugs is perfect for men looking to heighten their physical prowess and build strong, sculpted shoulders. With consistency in practice, you will have an amazing set of all-around toned and impressive shoulders in no time.


It is important to remember that when it comes to working out your shoulders, it’s all about finding the right exercises and workouts for you. The 12 best shoulder workouts and exercises mentioned in this blog post are just the start of a long journey to have strong and buff shoulders.

Make sure to add a few of these into your routine, try them to get the most benefit, and mix up your workouts from time to time. As well as focus on eating healthy and giving yourself enough rest between exercises for optimal muscle and strength building.

All of these tips can help you achieve excellent results when followed accordingly. So don’t wait any longer! Try out a couple of these shoulder exercises today to get those strong and defined shoulders you’ve been dreaming of.


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