Best Tricep Workouts for Strength

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Tricep Workouts are almost discussed every time the fitness training debate starts. Triceps make up the major muscles of the upper arms, which means triceps are to be targeted for stronger-looking, strengthened, and muscular arms. The Latin word Tricep is a group of three muscles, ‘Lateral Head,’ ‘Long Head,’ and ‘Medial Head,’ all responsible for the extension, stability, and movement of arms and are located at the back side of the upper arms. Different exercises are required to bring all three muscles into action. There are many benefits of tricep exercises, and they play a pivotal role in achieving stronger arms. 

Tricep Workout Benefits

No two thoughts that your arms will look great in a sleeveless t-shirt or a fitted dress shirt but there are many other reasons why Tricep Workouts are important, one being the health benefits and the other the overall performance through movement enhancement of the body. The tricep tendons are connected with the elbow joints, and exercise helps to strengthen the tendons and bones around the elbow area. Similarly, the upper arm connects with the rotator cuff of the shoulder; the interconnection of the three means that exercise impacts them positively; you are able to move your arms smoothly with increased stability, strength, and stronger arm. The lockout strength develops through the added size and strength of the triceps. 

Best Tricep Workouts

  • Skull Crushers

Don’t let the name intimidate you, nor be too relaxed as the Skull Crusher may not be as lethal as the name suggests; it certainly is a professional-level exercise. Also known as French extension and French press, a dumbbell or barbell is required to perform this exercise. The intermediate-level exercise specifically targets the tricep muscles. Hold a barbell with your hands on a flat bench and lay with your face up. Begin with minimum weight; bring the barbell on the forehead, with your head slightly hanging off the bench, arms perpendicular to the face, and your feet resting on either side of the floor. Tighten the wrist and elbow, take the barbell over your head to the back of the head, pause, and release back to the normal position. 1-2 sets of 6-8 are recommended to start with. 

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  • Dumbbell Row

It can be easily done anywhere and requires only a dumbbell; the Dumbbell Row, the multifunctional Tricep Workout, targets the upper back, shoulders, and upper arms. Hold dumbbells in both hands by side as you stand bent at a 45- degree angle with knees slightly leaning lower; pull up the dumbbells, bring them near the abdominal area, pause and release back to the original position. This exercise has many variations, adding difficulties and weights to make it more effective. It is beginners friendly and can easily be tried out by everyone. 1-2 sets of 10-12 reps should be good for a decent start. Remember not to go too quick or harsh; slow and steady is the eventual winner!

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  • Seated Cable Row

Primarily targeting the back and forearms, extension cables hang low from the cable machine with gripping handles on either side. Hold handles with hands so the arms are parallel to each other at a stretched distance, pull the extension cable down, and bring them parallel to the torso while keeping back and legs unmoved; hold and release. A cable machine is required for the exercise, but it can be done with an extension row hanging from the ceiling; there are many sub-kinds of the exercise, including Standing Cable Row and Lying Cable Row. 2-3 sets of 10 to 15 reps are good for starting, which may be done with dumbbells. 

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  • Tricep Dips

A beginners level exercise primarily focusing on tricep strength, also known as Chair Dips, can be conveniently done at home using a chair or bench. Sit on a stable chair that provides a firm grip to your palms, place your hand on a chair and push yourself forward off the seat until your elbow makes a 45-degree angle with the floor, hold, and reverse back to the original position. It is a great activating exercise for intermediate and advanced-level trip exercises. 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps are ideal for getting going. 

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