Bitjoy Resistance Bands Review


  • Bitjoy Resistance Bands for women & men are color-coded to differentiate the 3 resistance levels
  • These elastic bands will let you exercise your hips, thighs, legs, abs, etc.
  • Reshape your body, regain your confidence, and become a better you
  • This set includes an illustrated booklet of some exercises to guide your workout with these stretch bands
  • The exercises include yoga, squats, kneeling kick, hip bridge, etc.
  • The workout bands are made of comfy and thick webbing fabric, which are machine washable
  • They don’t twist or bunch while exercising. You needn’t worry about rolling up or snapping
  • Enjoy your workout anytime & anywhere
  • The fitness bands come with a handy pouch to keep them in, which is designed for your convenience
  • You can carry them easily and go anywhere, in travel, home, gym, etc.
  • Share the bands with your family
  • 3 color bands are clearly labeled with different levels: light, medium, and heavy.
  • Different strengths for beginner, intermediate, or professional
  • Free shipping
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