ER KANG Smith Machine, Home Gym Equipment, Power Rack


  • ER KANG Smith Machine is multifunction fitness equipment that supports full-body workouts within a confined space
  • All-in-one whole-body training station
  • This gym system combines different strength-building machines – a Smith machine, power tower, power rack cage, cable station, and cable crossover machine
  • Equipped with various attachments
  • They include a fit suspension training strap, cable crossover, two-grips dip attachment, safety bar, leg hold-down attachment, 360o landmine, footboard, J-hook, barbell holder, weight storage, hack squat board, smith bar, and a workout guideboard
  • Made of 11 gauge commercial steel tubes with a user weight capacity of 2000 lbs
  • Assembled size: 80”L x 63”W x 86.7”H
  • Packaged in ONE solid wooden box, and we will arrange for the truck to ship this machine to you
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