Pulsebit EX ECG EKG Monitor Review

Original price was: $169.99.Current price is: $119.99.

  • ECG EKG Heart Rate Monitor includes free delivery and up to 3 years protection plan
  • Cable-free and cable measurements meet the requirement of quick checks and detailed detection
  • Turn on the device, follow the image guide, and wait for the 30s / 60s /5 mins to get peace of mind right away
  • Work with most smartphones & tablets, sync your report to your iOS & Android via Bluetooth and share with others with a one-click
  • Review/ manage your reports conveniently, reports can be saved as PDFs to share or print.
  • Compact size that you can carry around in a pocket
  • Track your heart health anytime anywhere
  • No hidden cost or subscription required
  • Multi-users mode. Easy to store two users’ data separately
  • Suitable for family use
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Free shipping
  • 1,000+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!
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