CHAMPOWER 3D Pedometer for Walking


  • The CHAMPOWER 3D Pedometer is a compact, accurate step counter designed for ease of use. Here’s a detailed review highlighting its features:

Design and Build

  • Portability: Compact size with a detachable clip and lanyard for versatile wear options—clip to clothes, wear around the neck, or keep in a pocket.
  • Color Options: Available in various vibrant colors – pink, black, blue, purple, and white—to suit diverse preferences.
  • Durable Construction: The CHAMPOWER 3D Pedometer is made of lightweight materials for enhanced durability and long-term use.


  • Accurate Tracking: Utilizes 3D Tri-Axis sensor technology for accurate step counting in any position.
  • Simplicity: Single-button operation with no Bluetooth, app, or smartphone connections needed—user-friendly for all ages.
  • Long Battery Life: Included CR2032 battery lasts up to one year, with smart sleep mode conserving energy when not in use.
  • False Start Monitor: Counts steps after 8 consecutive movements, ensuring accurate step counting and reducing accidental counts.


  • Reliable Operation: Simple reset functionality by holding the “RESET” button for 4-5 seconds, automatically resetting the count to “0.”
  • Lifetime Warranty: Assurance of replacement or full refund if any issues arise during use, offering peace of mind to users.
  • Smart Energy-Saving: Auto-sleep mode activates when inactive, conserving battery life effectively.


  • Accurate step tracking with 3D Tri-Axis sensor technology.
  • Hassle-free operation is suitable for all age groups.
  • Extended battery life with smart energy-saving features.
  • Versatile wear options for personalized use.
  • A lifetime warranty ensures customer satisfaction.


  • Lack of additional features like distance measurement or smartphone compatibility.
  • Faint background digits might initially appear on the screen but fade with use.

Overall Assessment

  • The CHAMPOWER 3D Pedometer is a great device for people who want to track their daily steps simply and accurately. It’s very portable, reliable, and has a long-lasting battery life. This pedometer is an excellent option for those who prefer basic step tracking without any complicated features. Although there are some minor issues with the initial screen display, it’s still an affordable, durable, and user-friendly device that can meet your basic step-counting needs.
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