GMWD Stair Stepper Machine

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  • The GMWD Stair Stepper boasts a sturdy build, constructed from high-quality alloy steel. Its durable framework ensures stability and reliability during workouts, offering a long-lasting fitness solution.
  • Dynamic Step Configuration: Featuring a step area measuring 9.4″ in height and 22″ in width, this stair stepper provides a challenging workout experience. The 9-inch step-up height facilitates effective cardio routines, engaging multiple muscle groups.
  • Secure Footing and Pedals: Equipped with four pedals, this machine ensures a secure footing for users during exercise sessions. The pedals offer stability and support, enhancing the overall safety and comfort of workouts.
  • Performance Metrics: Operating at an impressive rate of 50 steps per minute, the GMWD Stair Stepper delivers dynamic cardio workouts. Its consistent performance allows users to customize their routines for optimal fitness results.
  • Weight Capacity and Limit: With a weight limit of 441 pounds, this stair stepper accommodates diverse user weights and body types. Its robust construction and weight capacity ensure durability and stability during intense workouts.
  • Dimensions and Footprint: Measuring 54″ in length, 30″ in width, and 77″ in height, this machine provides ample space for workouts while occupying a footprint of 11.25 square feet, suitable for home gym setups.
  • Packaging and Warranty: The GMWD Stair Stepper arrives in exclusive wooden case packing, ensuring secure transportation. Backed by a 12-month warranty, GMWD assures the quality and reliability of this fitness equipment.
  • Manufacturer Information: Manufactured by GMWD, the Stair Stepper falls under the TZ-75B model name. It is designed for unisex-adult use, offering a comprehensive fitness solution for a wide range of users.
  • In Summary, The GMWD Stair Stepper stands as a reliable and durable fitness machine, designed to cater to individuals seeking effective cardiovascular workouts at home. With its sturdy construction, dynamic step configuration, and impressive weight capacity, this stair stepper offers a versatile and challenging exercise experience, promoting overall fitness and strength.
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