Marcy Diamond Elite Bench


  • The Marcy Diamond Elite Bench with Preacher Curl Pad and Leg Developer offers a versatile solution for full-body workouts. Priced at $199.00, it’s a two-piece set constructed with durable materials suitable for various exercises.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Designed for comprehensive full-body workouts, targeting both upper and lower body muscles. The two-piece setup enables exercises focusing on legs and arms.
  • Comfort: Padded vinyl foam seats and backrest ensure lasting comfort during lifting and sitting exercises. Rubber grips on the arm curl handle offer enhanced control, even when sweating.
  • Adjustable Design: The bench provides flexibility with adjustable back and arm curl pads, accommodating incline, decline, and flat chest press exercises. The barbell crutches’ height adjustment enhances accessibility.
  • Squat Rack: Marcy Diamond Elite Bench includes a separate squat rack for walk-in squats and lunges, adding versatility to your workout routine.
  • Sturdy Construction: Featuring a rust and water-resistant 14-gauge tubular steel frame, this equipment is compatible with mid- and Olympic-sized barbells and includes safety locks to ensure secure reps.
  • 6,000+ Reviews


  • Versatile Workout Options: Enables a wide range of exercises for different muscle groups.
  • Comfortable Padding: The padded seats and backrest offer comfort during prolonged workouts.
  • Adjustability: The bench’s various adjustable components cater to diverse workout needs.
  • Sturdy Build: A robust steel frame ensures durability and stability during exercises.


  • Assembly Difficulty: Some users may find assembly challenging due to complex parts.
  • Space Requirement: Requires considerable space, potentially not suitable for compact home gyms.
  • Weight Limit: While accommodating up to 600 pounds, some advanced users may require higher weight capacities.

Comparison with Alternatives:

  • The Marcy Diamond Elite Bench stands out with its comprehensive design, offering multiple functionalities for a complete workout.
  • Its separate squat rack differentiates it from other Olympic benches, providing added exercise options.

Customer Feedback:

  • With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on 6,139 reviews, the majority praise its versatility and comfort.
  • Some users highlight challenges during assembly but acknowledge its durability and exercise variety.


  • Ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive workout bench for both upper and lower body training.
  • Consider the space available and assembly complexity before purchasing.

In summary

  • The Marcy Diamond Elite Bench with Preacher Curl Pad and Leg Developer is a sturdy and versatile option for full-body workouts that can cater to different exercise preferences and target multiple muscle groups while also providing comfort.
  • Buy with confidence!!
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