SITFIT Elliptical Bike


  • The SITFIT Elliptical Bike is exclusively designed for seniors with Arthritis or Parkinson’s
  • You can also keep track of your calories burnt. The speed can also be changed as the need of the exerciser
  • Select the desired speed and direction, and SITFIT Compact Elliptical Exercise Bike will begin to turn, pumping blood and moving muscles for improved circulation and overall health
  • Set your stationary pedal exerciser to manual or auto using the control panel or remote, then select your speed or program
  • It has non-slip pedals and a holder to keep your phone, and you can scroll between Distance, Speed, time, and calories burnt
  • The SITFIT Compact Elliptical Exercise Bike weighs 16lbs and has a handle making it easy to slide away when not in use
  • Free delivery
  • 260+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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