Small Pilates Ball, Therapy Ball, Exercise Ball


  • The Pilates ball features a soft and skin-friendly design that allows you to use this ball in direct contact with your skin without any fears
  • The exercise ball can be used to add instability and endurance to any exercise
  • It can effectively simulate inner thigh and abdominal muscles, increase endurance, strength, and flexibility
  • All-round craftsmanship makes it suitable for adding fun and freshness to a wide range of exercises including yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy among others
  • Special film attached to the surface provides secure, slip-resistant performance
  • Supports weights up to 700lbs
  • Made of durable, flexible, soft skin-friendly PVC
  • Retain and relinquishes elasticity even when fully inflated
  • Compact and lightweight to allow for easy transportation between home and gym
  • Makes a great gift idea for a loved one looking to add fun and freshness to their workout
  • For yoga, ballet, Pilates, physical therapy, barre, core strength, flexibility, balance, toning and sculpting, fitness, beach and playground play, pregnancy birthing, bouncing, and most rigorous training and workout
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