Trideer Yoga Ball Exercise Ball

Original price was: $28.99.Current price is: $22.99.

  • The Trideer Yoga Ball Exercise Ball comes with detailed instructions, a foot pump, as well as 2 air stoppers to allow for quick and simple installation
  • Once inflated, this ball expands to a compact 45cm diameter suitable for on-the-go workouts
  • 6 colors + various size options to choose from
  • Available in other sizes including 55cm 65cm 75cm 85cm to satisfy special needs
  • Top-quality PVC construction material is BPA and other heavy materials-free to reassure that it is safe for you and the environment
  • The non-slip finish makes it suitable for a wide range of exercises including gymnastics, pregnancy, pilates, and yoga
  • Tough enough to withstand weights of up to 330lbs
  • Optional accessories are available
  • Free delivery
  • 31,900+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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