YOSUDA Recumbent Exercise Bike


  • The YOSUDA Recumbent Exercise Bike is a stellar addition to any home gym, providing a comfortable, customizable, and tech-integrated workout experience. Here’s an in-depth review highlighting its key features:


  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Utilizes patented magnetic resistance technology, ensuring an ultra-silent workout experience with noise levels as low as 15DB. The smooth movement minimizes joint impact, allowing pain-free exercise.
  • Supreme Comfort: Features a high-density padded backrest and seat cushion, promising superior comfort during workouts. The easy-to-use seat adjustment handle eliminates the hassle of constant readjustments.
  • Durable Build: YOSUDA Recumbent Exercise Bike features commercial-quality steel, the bike supports up to 350lbs, ensuring safety and stability. The infinitely adjustable seat caters to riders from 4’9” to 6’2”, ideal for diverse users.


  • Customizable Resistance: With 16 resistance levels, this bike offers an extensive range suitable for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts, enabling tailored workouts.
  • Quick Assembly: Pre-assembled up to 80%, installation is a breeze, taking just 30 minutes. Front stabilizer wheels facilitate easy room-to-room movement.
  • Pulse Monitor & Track Progress: The monitor displays workout metrics like time, speed, distance, calories, ODO, and pulse. The built-in pulse sensing handle ensures accurate tracking of cardiovascular performance.

Additional Functionality:

  • App Connectivity: YOSUDA Recumbent Bike seamlessly integrates with a smart app, providing immersive riding experiences, competitions, online coach sessions, and long-term exercise data storage.
  • Warranty & Service: YOSUDA offers a lifetime service promise, covering replacement, repair, or refund, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material & Dimensions: Designed with stainless steel and ABS, the bike measures 20.8″D x 44.8″ W x 9.8″H, and weighs 65 pounds.
  • Resistance Mechanism: Utilizes a magnetic resistance mechanism with 16 levels.
  • Drive System: Operates on a belt drive system, ensuring smooth and quiet performance.


  • The YOSUDA Recumbent Exercise Bike combines comfort, durability, and advanced technology to deliver an exceptional workout experience. Its sturdy build, customizable resistance, quiet operation, and tech integrations make it a top choice for diverse fitness levels. Backed by YOSUDA’s warranty and service, this bike is an investment in long-term fitness goals. For over 20 years, YOSUDA has been a reliable provider of exercise bikes, making it a trustworthy choice for your home gym.
  • 200+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence and experience an enhanced fitness journey with the YOSUDA Recumbent Exercise Bike! 
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