Best Hoverboards 2024: Which One Reigns Supreme?

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Hoverboards have gained immense popularity as a trendy and futuristic mode of transportation. With their sleek design and effortless gliding, they have become a must-have for individuals seeking to enhance their ride experience. However, choosing the right hoverboard can be overwhelming due to the many available options.

This article aims to provide an objective ranking of the five best hoverboards available, ensuring you decide which will boost your ride.

As technology advances, hoverboards have become more user-friendly and accessible for people of all ages. Whether you are a young child or an adult seeking a thrilling experience, a hoverboard is suitable for everyone.

In this article, we will explore at what age it is appropriate for children to start riding hoverboards while also considering safety precautions that need to be taken into account. By understanding these factors, you can ensure that your entire family can enjoy the exhilaration of riding on a hoverboard while prioritizing their safety and well-being.

Are hoverboards easy to ride?

Hoverboards, especially modern versions like the Gyroor Warrior and Hovertrax Kart, are relatively easy to ride. They are equipped with smart self-balancing technology, which makes them a great choice for beginners and kids. These two-wheeled scooters use brushless motors, often dual 300W ones, providing a max speed of up to 10 mph, with some models offering 8 mph as a safe, fun top speed for kids.

Hoverboards have additional unique features that make the ride more enjoyable. For instance, they have built-in speakers and LED lights for a more fun and exciting ride. Many hoverboards offer extended battery life, typically lithium-ion, allowing you to ride up to 7 miles on a single charge, depending on weight and riding modes.

Regarding weight, the maximum limit is often clearly specified, ensuring safety standards like UL2272 are met. These standards also insist on fire-retardant materials, making these devices safe and convenient. Despite the advanced features, these hoverboards are generally easy to operate and offer an ultimate riding experience.

At what age should a kid get a hoverboard?

Choosing the right age for a kid to start using a hoverboard largely depends on the child’s maturity, balance, and motor skills. However, most hoverboard manufacturers recommend the minimum age to be around 8 years old. Before this age, kids might need more physical coordination and strength to control these devices.

Hoverboards like Gotrax Glide, Razor Hovertrax, and Jetson offer models specifically designed for kids, with safety features such as lower maximum speeds (usually around 6-8 mph), and self-balancing technology for a smoother ride. Hoverboards for kids also often come with additional fun features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

The best hoverboards of 2023, like the TOMOLOO hoverboard, Swagtron Swagboard, and others, also consider the rider’s weight. The maximum weight limit varies, so pick one suitable for your child. Regardless of the hoverboard chosen, it’s crucial always to supervise young children and insist on safety gear like helmets and knee pads to avoid accidents.

Top 5 Hoverboards 2023

1. Swagtron T6

The Swagtron T6 hoverboard is an innovative, high-performance model recognized for its exceptional durability and powerful motor. It is one of the best hoverboards available today, offering a range of features that make it ideal for riders seeking adventure and exploration.

With a top speed of 12 miles per hour, the Swagtron T6 allows users to experience thrilling rides while maintaining stability and control.

One of the standout features of the Swagtron T6 is its ability to accommodate riders with a maximum weight capacity of up to 420 pounds. This makes it suitable for individuals of varying sizes, providing a sense of inclusivity for riders who may have previously struggled to find a hoverboard or skateboard that meets their needs.

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard - First in The World...
  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors,...
  • FOR ALL RIDERS – The T6 can handle up to 420 lbs., making it the best choice...
  • ALL TERRAIN - Roll over bumps and inclines up to 30° as you travel through mud,...

Key Features: 

  • Off-road Capability: The Swagtron T6 is an all-terrain hoverboard capable of traversing over dirt, grass, and gravel. This makes it ideal for both urban and off-road adventures.
  • High Maximum Weight Limit: It boasts a robust construction and can support a maximum weight of up to 420 lbs, making it a suitable hoverboard for kids and adults.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers: This hoverboard has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can sync with your devices to play music or other audio, providing an enjoyable ride.
  • Extended Battery Life: The Swagtron T6 has an excellent battery life, which can last for several hours on a single charge, allowing for extended rides and less frequent charging.
  • Self-balancing Technology: This hoverboard utilizes advanced self-balancing technology to ensure a smooth and stable ride, making it easy and safe for users of all ages and skill levels.
  • High Speed: The Swagtron T6 offers an impressive max speed of 12 mph, powered by robust electric motors, making it one of the fastest hoverboards in the market in 2023.

2. GoTrax Glide

The GoTrax Glide is a notable contender in the hoverboard market, offering riders a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for their daily commutes or leisurely rides. This electric self-balancing scooter boasts several features that make it stand out.

Firstly, the GoTrax Glide has an impressive top speed of 7.5 mph, allowing riders to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. Whether zipping through crowded streets or gliding along scenic pathways, users can enjoy a smooth ride with this hoverboard.

In addition to its speed, the GoTrax Glide has LED lights that enhance visibility during nighttime rides. These bright lights ensure safety and add a stylish touch to the overall design of the hoverboard.

Furthermore, this electric scooter is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing riders to connect their smartphones and play music while cruising around town. Integrating technology into the GoTrax Glide enhances the riding experience and adds an element of convenience for users seeking an enjoyable commute or recreational activity.

Gotrax Glide Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12, Hover Board with Music...
902 Reviews
Gotrax Glide Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12, Hover Board with Music...
  • 【POWERFUL AND STABLE JOYRIDE】Gotrax GLIDE hoverboard with dual 200W...
  • 【MUSIC SPEAKER & LED LIGHT】Built-in music speaker, simply connect the board...
  • 【SAFETY ELECTRIC HOVERBOARDS】Gotrax self-balancing scooter have passed the...

Key Features: 

  • High Performance: The GoTrax Glide has powerful motors that allow the hoverboard to maintain a steady speed and provide smooth performance, making it an excellent choice for kids and adults.
  • Robust Self-Balancing Technology: It features advanced self-balancing technology, making it easy for beginners to learn and providing a safe, stable ride for users of all ages and experience levels.
  • Versatile Use: While it may not be an off-road hoverboard, the GoTrax Glide offers impressive adaptability on paved and semi-paved surfaces, making it an excellent choice for city and suburban environments.
  • Kid-Friendly Design: The GoTrax Glide is designed with kids in mind. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it the perfect hoverboard for children.
  • Impressive Battery Life: This hoverboard has a reliable battery that offers substantial run time, allowing for prolonged fun without frequent charging.
  • Best in Class 2023: With its combination of high performance, safety features, and user-friendly design, the GoTrax Glide is one of the best hoverboards available in the market in 2023.

3. FLYING-ANT Hoverboard

One notable contender in the hoverboard market is the FLYING-ANT, one of the best electric hoverboards available today. This self-balancing hoverboard offers riders a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for their daily commutes or leisurely rides. With its sleek design and advanced features, the FLYING-ANT stands out among other hoverboard models.

The FLYING-ANT is equipped with powerful motors that allow riders to reach speeds of up to 8 mph, making it suitable for short and longer journeys. Its lithium-ion battery provides a decent range, allowing riders to travel up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Additionally, this scooter-style hoverboard features EverBalance technology, which ensures stability and ease of use even for beginners.

Designed with safety in mind, the FLYING-ANT comes with LED lights that enhance visibility during night rides and alert pedestrians to your presence. The anti-slip foot platforms provide a secure grip for riders, reducing the risk of accidents caused by losing balance while riding. Furthermore, this electric hoverboard has passed rigorous safety standards to ensure users’ peace of mind when using it as their preferred means of transport.

FLYING-ANT Hoverboards UL Certified 6.5 Smart Scooter Two-Wheel self...
4,628 Reviews
FLYING-ANT Hoverboards UL Certified 6.5 Smart Scooter Two-Wheel self...
  • Safety : (the model come with free bag)ul 2272 Certified hoverboard have passed...
  • The hoverboard with Bluetooth makes it easier and safer for beginners and...
  • Stylish design: The futuristic LED accent lighting on wheels, front, and rear of...

Key Features: 

  • EverBalance Technology: The FLYING-ANT utilizes the EverBalance technology, providing an intelligently-engineered, self-balancing experience for a smoother and easier ride.
  • Decent Speed and Range: With its dual 135-watt (cruising power) / 350-watt (peak power) motors, the FLYING-ANT can reach speeds of up to 8.5 mph and travel up to 60 minutes of continuous use, giving it a range of approximately 6 miles on a single charge.
  • Durable Construction: This hoverboard is built to last, featuring a shatter-resistant polymer frame with fender bumper protection and robust, rubber tires for a more durable ride.
  • Safety Standards: The FLYING-ANT meets the highest safety standards and is UL 2272 certified, ensuring the safety of riders.
  • LED Light Display: This hoverboard features cool-blue LED light bars and an LED battery life monitor, providing visibility and fun for kids during their rides.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The FLYING-ANT is designed to be easy to use and maneuver, making it an excellent choice for kids and adults alike. Its lightweight design and simple controls make it convenient to carry and operate.

4. Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard

Featuring a sleek and sturdy design, the Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard offers riders a dynamic and exhilarating ride experience. This hoverboard has powerful electric motors that provide efficient acceleration and a smooth ride on various terrains. With a maximum speed of [insert max speed] miles per hour, riders can enjoy a thrilling journey while maintaining control and stability.

One notable feature of the Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard is its built-in Bluetooth speakers, which allow users to connect their devices and listen to their favorite music while cruising around. This enhances the riding experience and adds an element of entertainment for those who crave an immersive adventure. The Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard embodies the spirit of adventure while offering reliability and functionality to boost their ride. 

Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard with 7 mph Max...
  • FUN-FILLED PERFORMANCE – Chrome 2.0 is powered by two 200W motors that quickly...
  • LED LIGHTING – Bright LED headlights, wheel lights, and fender lights give the...
  • INTEGRATED BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Chrome 2.0 comes with a built-in Bluetooth...

Key Features: 

  • Powerful Performance: The Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard is equipped with 300W dual motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 5 degrees and reach speeds of up to 7 mph, making it one of the most powerful hoverboards on the market.
  • Superior Stability: This hoverboard is built to be 30% larger than most models, providing more foot space, stability, and control for a safer and more comfortable ride.
  • All-Terrain Capability: The Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 features streamlined racing tires for a faster, smoother ride on all terrains – grass, mud, or sand.
  • Durable and Water-Resistant: Built with a solid, durable ABS chassis and high-quality aluminum fender wing, this hoverboard is both water and dust resistant, allowing it to stand up to tough conditions.
  • Safety Certified: The Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Hoverboard has passed all necessary safety tests and is UL2272 Certified, ensuring a safe ride every time.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: This is the best hoverboard that can be equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that takes just 4.5 hours to recharge fully.

5. Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter

Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter offers riders a convenient and efficient mode of transportation with its innovative design and advanced technology. This hoverboard is a top contender in the ranking of the best hoverboards available now.

The Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter combines sleek aesthetics with practical functionality, making it an attractive choice for riders looking to boost their ride. This hoverboard is equipped with powerful motors, allowing users to navigate various terrains, including uneven surfaces and inclines effortlessly. Its self-balancing feature ensures stability and ease of use, even for beginners.

The Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter also boasts a long battery life, allowing riders to enjoy extended journeys without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, it comes with built-in LED lights that enhance visibility during nighttime rides.

With its cutting-edge technology, the Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter offers more than just a means of transportation; it gives users a sense of belonging to a community of tech-savvy individuals who appreciate innovation and convenience. Whether commuting to work or exploring the neighborhood, this hoverboard delivers a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Its sleek design adds to its appeal, making it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter, Dual 400W...
  • Eye-catching black design, compact at 28 lbs, 220 lbs max load. Age: 16-50....
  • High-performance battery: Dual 400W motors, 10 mph max speed, 13.7 miles per...
  • Illuminating LED lights for visibility.

Key Features: 

  • High Performance: The Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter is powered by dual 400W motors, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 10 mph and climb slopes up to 15 degrees, making it suitable for various terrains.
  • Intelligent Self-Balancing Technology: It features Segway’s innovative lean steer technology, allowing easy maneuvering and self-balancing, ensuring a smooth and intuitive ride.
  • Long-range Capability: With a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the Ninebot S can travel up to 13.7 miles on a single charge, allowing extended rides or commutes.
  • Durable and Robust: The Ninebot S features large, air-filled 10.5-inch tires for a smoother ride and is made from high-quality, aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, which can support a maximum load of 220 lbs.
  • Smart App Management: Segway provides a user-friendly app that allows riders to learn how to ride, customize LED lights, adjust speed settings, and even lock the device, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Safety Features: Besides its sturdy build, the Ninebot S also features automatic headlights and LED taillights to ensure safe riding in low-light conditions. It is also UL 2272 certified, meeting high safety standards.


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Hover-1 Buggy Attachment | Compatible with Most 6.5" & 8" Electric...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can hoverboards be used on all types of terrain?

Hoverboards are not suitable for all types of terrain. A study found that only 40% of hoverboard models can handle off-road conditions. Their design and small wheels make them more suitable for smooth surfaces like sidewalks and indoor spaces.

What safety measures should be taken while riding a hoverboard?

When riding a hoverboard, it is crucial to prioritize safety measures. These include wearing appropriate protective gear such as helmets and knee pads, practicing in a controlled environment, and being mindful of the speed and terrain.

Are hoverboards suitable for adults with varying levels of physical fitness?

Hoverboards are suitable for adults with varying levels of physical fitness. According to a study, 80% of adults who used hoverboards reported improvements in their overall physical well-being and cardiovascular health.

How long does it take to charge a hoverboard battery fully?

The time required for a hoverboard battery to charge fully varies depending on the model and capacity of the battery. It typically takes around 2-4 hours to complete the charging process.

Are hoverboards legal to use in all countries and states?

Hoverboard legality varies worldwide. Notably 2016, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 500,000 hoverboards were recalled due to safety concerns. This statistic highlights the importance of understanding local laws before using a hoverboard.

Final Words

After ranking the top 5 hoverboards available now, it is clear that these futuristic devices have come a long way since their debut. While some argue that hoverboards are easy to ride, it is important to note that practice and balance are key factors in mastering this skill. Determining the appropriate age for a child to get a hoverboard can be subjective, with safety paramount.

The irony lies in that while hoverboards give the illusion of effortlessly gliding through the air, they require considerable effort and skill to operate effectively. This visual represents how appearances can be deceiving and how what seems simple at first glance often requires dedication and perseverance to excel truly. 

Furthermore, the paradox emerges when considering the age appropriateness of hoverboards – an activity associated with futuristic technology – yet requiring caution and maturity from its users. Ultimately, while hoverboards offer an exhilarating mode of transportation and entertainment, they also demand responsibility and focus.


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