iTech Fusion Smartwatch Review


  • iTech watch is a rock-solid, durable, activity tracker with multiple sports modes
  • The GPS smartwatch evokes high-quality craftsmanship and precision that will let you stay connected, healthy, and on time
  • Full touch panel
  • Includes multiple color options and fitness band design
  • Keeps you motivated and on track with your fitness goals
  • iTech watch features a heart rate monitor, music player, sleep monitor, motion gesture, notifications, calorie tracker, find my watch feature, sedentary reminder, camera remote, distance tracking, stopwatch, weather, alarm, and pedometer
  • Alerts & sedentary reminder lets you know when it is time to start a new activity
  • Monitor and track your sleep patterns with the upgraded sleep monitor, to ensure that you are getting the proper rest you deserve
  • Calorie tracker keeps in informed as you burn those calories
  • Advanced multi-sports tracking including basketball, golf, tennis, football, hiking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, and running
  • Get high and low heart rate and irregular heart rhythm notifications
  • Mail, text, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, games, and all other notifications in one place
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones
  • IP67 water-resistant keeps your watch undamaged by water. The iTech fusion watch is durable for up to 3 feet of water
  • Weighs 10 ounces
  • Free shipping
  • 90+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!
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