LADER Pull Up Bar, Chin Up Bar for Upper Body Workouts


  • The LADER pull-up bar is designed with two widening anti-skid devices on both sides
  • It’s very simple to install, just need to twist both sides to get it to the length by using our Hex wrench
  • The pull-up bar can fit in most door frames between 28.35″- 35.43″
  • Easily adjustable with the Hex Wrench
  • It can be installed on any cement walls, security doors, solid wood doors, or corridors but excluding fragile door frames
  • Suitable for a standard doorway, perfect for home, garage, or office use
  • Super stable and can bear the maximum weight of 440lbs
  • The pull-up bar is easy to carry and fully supports pull-ups and chin-up exercise
  • You also can move the upper body workout bar down to the lower part of the doorway for sit-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches, and even stretching
  • Say no to expensive gym membership!
  • Use the pull-up bar for various strength training exercises that target muscles of the arm, legs, and abdomen
  • Keep fit and get your dream body at the home gym
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