Teeter Power10 Elliptical Rower Indoor Magnetic Rowing Machine Review


  • The only exercise machine you will ever need
  • 2020 model year
  • The foldable elliptical rowing machine
  • Best-selling elliptical rower, and top choice with thousands of satisfied customers
  • Very sturdy, versatile, ultra-reliable, and lives up to the hype
  • It burns more calories and the best for muscle definition
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Enhanced muscle definition in one machine
  • Two directions for optimal body sculpting
  • Features a pull with a rowing motion to engage and strengthen your back, delts, biceps, quads, forearms, and calves
  • Push motion engages and builds the triceps, chest, hamstrings, abs, and the glute
  • Free training with the Teeter move app (unlimited access to trainer workout videos)
  • No subscription
  • Multi-grip handlebars target major muscles
  • Handlebars are sweat-resistant
  • 7-level adjustable magnetic resistance for endurance, muscle building, and burning calorie
  • A real-time digital performance tracker
  • Digital performance monitor tracks time, calories, distance, and strokes per minute.
  • Bluetooth enabled chest strap connects to the monitor wirelessly or 3rd party apps to display your heart rate while working out
  • Adjustable settings for optimum workout
  • Adjustable cushion seats
  • Secure foot straps
  • Easy storage
  • Transport wheels
  • Very easy to assembly
  • 90-day limited warranty
  • Quality support: Teeter U.S. based product experts via phone, chat, or email
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