Weighted Hula Hoop Review

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  • The weighted hula hoop accommodates a wide range of fitness routines that supports the tightening of the waist, hip muscles, leg elasticity, and waist fat reduction
  • *Deep massage effect
  • *Stronger adjustable rope
  • *High-quality material
  • *Hard to fall
  • *#1 rated on the market
  • Weighted fit hoop plus size consists of 28 detachable knots with a maximum diameter of 130cm/51.2 inch
  • It fits more people than a 24-section smart hoops
  • You can easily choose the number of knots that fits you the best based on your waistline
  • 12 bumps on each massage head increase the massage effect
  • Each massage head on weighted fit hoop has a spring structure to ensure the massage effect without hurting the waist
  • The weighted hula hoop is made of hard ABS plastic and is different from the ordinary smart exercise hoop
  • The intensity of exercise can be changed by adjusting the length of the rope
  • Steel wire is added to the rope to make it stronger
  • First, adjust the number of weighted fit hoops knots according to your waistline
  • Second, button up the lock
  • Third, adjust the length of the rope and twist the waist to make the ball turn
  • Traditional weighted hoops have a large radius and take up a lot of storage space. These weighted hula hoops have a small radius for easy storage
  • Free delivery
  • 12,000+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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