BARWING Vibration Plate Exercise Machine


  • An all-round massage and exercise equipment
  • Black and white color options
  • Enhance balance. Combine exercise routines to enhance your balance. Improve flexibility and stability
  • Gives rapid results without the intensity of a heavy workout. Develop strength and increase Bone Density
  • The preset program simplifies exercise routines. High-efficiency fat burning, weight loss & shape
  • Convenient touch screen to operate the vibration plate more easily and it can track your workout data every use
  • Comes with a remote control for you to adjust the vibration intensity while workout
  • Hidden resistance band system that allows you to exercise deeper and more diverse
  • 4 non-slip suction cups under 4 corners prevent the vibration machine slip when operating
  • Horizontal vibration, linear vibration, micro oscillation massage, and combined 4D mode
  • 200+ Reviews
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