Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Women


  • Blood Flow Restriction Bands for occlusion training targets the hip, glutes, and thighs
  • The BFR booty bands help women’s leg development and gluteal muscle growth by temporarily restricting blood flow into the muscles, accumulating lactic acid and HGH (human growth hormone)
  • 2″ thick fabrics are breathable and comfortable
  • No obvious strangulation after use and tightness can be adjusted as you need
  • The buckle is made of high-quality PVC which fits your skin, and will not hurt the thigh
  • The belt is made of polyester fiber which has high strength, elastic recovery ability, strong and durable
  • Our occlusion bands adopt an upgraded buckle design, which can be reused many times during training without squeezing the thigh
  • It’s designed to easily loosen and tighten
  • The band length is about 90cm
  • Portable booty resistance bands are easy to use and carry anywhere
  • Free shipping