Deltech Fitness Smith Machine


  • The Deltech Fitness Smith Machine is a robust and versatile addition to any home gym setup. Offering a range of features tailored to strength training enthusiasts, this machine excels in delivering a comprehensive workout experience.

Design and Build Quality:

  • Built from robust alloy steel, the DF4900 boasts a solid and durable construction, ensuring long-term stability during intense workouts.
  • Precision linear roller bearings ride on solid steel bars, offering smooth and controlled movements, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Size and Configuration:

  • With dimensions measuring 49″D x 86″ W x 81″H, the machine provides ample space for various exercises without consuming excessive room in your home gym setup.
  • Rear supports efficiently hold plates when not in use, keeping the workout area organized and clutter-free.

Weight Capacity and Additional Features:

  • The machine is designed to handle up to 700 pounds of tension and comes with a 58 lb Olympic bar that can handle weights up to 700 pounds. This allows for a wide range of workout intensities and loads. Additionally, the bar hook rods and weight holders are chrome-plated, which not only enhances durability and usability but also gives it a sleek and modern look.

Versatility and Adjustability:

  • Equipped with a pull-up bar and a half-power cage, the Deltech Fitness Smith Machine offers a range of exercises targeting multiple muscle groups, providing a comprehensive strength training experience.
  • The machine’s 12 adjustable heights and various available exercises make it suitable for users of different heights and skill levels, allowing personalized workout settings.

Assembly and Warranty:

  • Assembly requires two individuals and is facilitated by comprehensive assembly instructions provided by Deltech Fitness.
  • The product comes with a 1-year full warranty, ensuring peace of mind regarding the equipment’s quality and performance.


  • The Deltech Fitness Smith Machine is a highly versatile and durable piece of equipment designed for comprehensive strength training. Its sturdy construction, precision bearings, weight plate storage, and pull-up bar make it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for a reliable machine to cater to their varied workout needs. This user-friendly machine can be a perfect addition to home gym setups, providing durability, functionality, and a wide range of exercise options.
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