Goplus Air Bike with Unlimited Resistance


  • Goplus Air Bike has a 4-way adjustable seat meaning it can be adjusted front-to-back and 10-levels in height to accommodate people of all heights
  • For maximum comfort, the seat is covered with waterproof PVC leather and padded with soft PU foam
  • This fan exercise bike provides unlimited resistance for your workout by using 8 fan blades as its unique air resistance system
  • The greater the resistance, the faster you ride. Meanwhile, while riding, the fan will blow cool air
  • Furthermore, the double-stage belt and chain drive mechanism ensure a more comfortable ride
  • The LCD keeps track of your Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burnt, and Total Distance traveled
  • Furthermore, you can convert km/h or mile/h by pressing the mode button for 5 seconds
  • The gadget holder can be used to keep your phone or tablet as you exercise. Watch your favorite TV show or listen to the music of your choice as you burn calories
  • This air bike is designed using double-action handlebars and soft-coated foam to work out your upper body properly
  • The handles are also non-slippery and sweat-absorbent for easy gripping
  • Similarly, the anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps help in lower-body strengthening
  • This fan exercise bike has 2 built-in wheels on the bottom, making it easy from one place to another
  • The compact size takes little space, making it perfect for a home exercise machine
  • Free delivery
  • 14+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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