LSRZSPORT Folding Treadmill Review

Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $298.97.

  • LSRZSPORT Treadmill arrives 100% fully assembled
  • This under-desk treadmill is a super-quiet, comfortable, 2.5 hp jogging, walking, and running machine for home or office use
  • Top choice & highly rated (1000’s of customers can’t be all wrong)
  • LSRZSPORT 2-in-1 under desk treadmill has 2 modes: Running mode and Walking mode
  • In running mode, the speed is 1-12km/h, while the walking mode has a speed of 1-6km/h
  • Remote function. Press the +/- button, the speed will increase/decrease by 0.2 mph. The speed can reach 3.8 mph by the remote. The + key on the handrail is needed if the speed needs to get 7.6 mph
  • The treadmill comes with 2 tension ropes for more exercises
  • The treadmill shock absorption system features a unique 8-point buffer system, and a 5-layer, non-slip running belt
  • The design helps in absorbing vibration, preventing slippage, reducing noise, and providing cushioning for knees, muscles, and joints from injury
  • Even if the load reaches the maximum, the noise is less than 57db, which is the best fitness equipment for home and office
  • The multi-function console is in the center of the bracket, which can easily control the start/stop and speed
  • Mobile phone holder, so you can watch videos or chat with friends while running
  • 4 large LED displays that can monitor your exercise distance, speed, time, and calories in real-time
  • It can help you improve cardiovascular health, burn fat, and regulate lower body muscles
  • You can connect the treadmill speaker to your phone through Bluetooth and enjoy music while exercising
  • 100% fully assembled. This folding treadmill has been fully assembled and is ready to use after unpacking
  • Lightweight, portable, and a space saver
  • Free shipping
  • 700+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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