Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill


  • Weslo Treadmill enhances the home workout experience with a 30-day iFit membership
  • The Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Treadmill provides the perfect blend of convenience and functionality
  • Its easy assembly with Bluetooth makes it a top choice for those seeking an efficient home workout solution
  • Combining these features ensures a top-tier workout experience, making it a standout among foldable treadmills
  • The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 features a folding mechanism that allows you to easily fold and store the treadmill when not in use, making it ideal for those with limited space in their home gym
  • This treadmill has a powerful yet quiet motor, ensuring a smooth and noise-free workout experience
  • You can exercise without disturbing others in the house or worrying about apartment noise complaints
  • Lets you tailor your workout to different intensity levels with a manual incline adjustment
  • Whether you want to simulate running uphill or prefer a flat surface, the adjustable incline feature allows you to customize your workout for maximum effectiveness
  • The Cadence G 5.9i treadmill is designed with a cushioned deck that helps reduce the impact on your joints while running
  • This feature provides a more comfortable and joint-friendly workout experience, minimizing the risk of injuries
  • This treadmill offers a variety of built-in workout programs designed by certified personal trainers
  • From beginner-friendly programs to advanced interval training, you can choose a workout that suits your fitness level and goals, keeping your workouts engaging and effective
  • The treadmill’s user-friendly console features a clear LCD that provides essential workout feedback, including speed, distance, time, and calories burned
  • The intuitive design ensures you can easily track your progress and stay motivated throughout your workout
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Free delivery
  • 2,800+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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