SPART Stair Stepper, Step Stepper Machine


  • The SPART Stair Stepper has a modern and sleek design with a sturdy build. Its durable construction ensures stability during workouts, providing a reliable fitness solution.
  • Dynamic Step Configuration: With a 9.5-inch high and 22-inch wide ergonomic step area, this stair stepper provides a challenging workout experience. The 9-inch step-up height engages various muscle groups for an effective cardio workout.
  • Secure and Comfortable Pedals: With four secure pedals, the SPART stair stepper provides a stable and comfortable footing during exercise. The pedals enhance safety and support, improving the overall workout experience.
  • Performance and Metrics: Delivering dynamic and customizable cardio workouts, this stair stepper operates at 55 steps per minute. Users can track their progress and optimize their routines for better fitness results.
  • Weight Capacity and Durability: With a weight limit of 440 pounds, this machine accommodates users of diverse weights and body types. Its sturdy construction and weight capacity ensure durability and reliability during intense workouts.
  • Compact Dimensions and Footprint: With dimensions of 54″ L x 28″ W x 76″ H, the SPART Stair Stepper provides a spacious workout area while taking up minimal space, making it ideal for home gyms.
  • Packaging and Warranty: The SPART stepping machine arrives in secure packaging, ensuring safe transportation. Backed by a 12-month warranty, SPART assures the quality and reliability of this fitness equipment.
  • Manufacturer Details and Model Name: Manufactured by SPART, the Stair Stepper falls under the EX2021 model name. It is designed for unisex-adult use, offering a comprehensive fitness solution for a wide range of users.
  • In Summary, The SPART Stair Stepper is a reliable and versatile fitness machine that is great for people who want to do cardiovascular workouts at home. It has a sturdy build, dynamic step configuration, and an impressive weight capacity. This stair stepper provides a challenging and efficient exercise experience that promotes overall fitness and endurance.
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