Chestnut: A Superfood Necessary for Your Dream Low Fat Nutrition-Rich Diet


You are what you eat, thankfully, not literally but figuratively. The world is fast pacing towards healthier options in food for a happier life, and one such ingredient has taken social media by storm. Coming from the Castanea genus trees and shrubs, the underrated superfood Chestnuts grow in abundance in parts of China and Korea […]

Zwift Virtual Training Game Application – Does It Connect To All Treadmills?

zwift trainers

Everything is better with virtual reality; they said, rightly so. Ever since the start of 2022, virtual reality has witnessed exponential growth, furthering the metaverse industry’s expansion. The proliferation of virtual reality applications forecasts an augmented reality-driven future. Zwift application provides a real-life training experience in the virtual world. Founded in 2014, the application today […]

Kabaddi Origin, Rules & Rise In Popularity

Origin of Kabaddi

The South Asian region is one of the most populous of all regions in the world, carrying a deep-rooted history that includes a sports-rich culture. Today, while cricket keeps the limelight, one doesn’t explore India and Pakistan fully if they don’t watch a Kabaddi match, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, witnessing an unreal electric atmosphere. The sport […]

Labor Day Sales 2022: early deals now live, plus what to expect on the day

labor day

We’re still over a few days away but early Labor Day sales are landing already. The official Labor Day sales 2022 are just over a few days away (Sept 6) but we’re already starting to see leading retailers drop promising early bird deals. Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and a number of leading brands have […]

How The YOMISOY Exercise Hoop is Changing the Home Workout Regimen

infinity hoop

Workout anywhere, anytime with YOMISOY’s Portable Exercise Hoop. It is made from premium quality material, suitable for adults and children. Covid-19 brought a whole new way of life. The new normal. Amid lockdown in many parts of the world, influencers and social media sensations took the responsibility of promoting a healthy lifestyle while staying at […]

NBA Finals 2022: Did Boston Celtics Grab a Page From the Golden State Warriors’ Playbook to Win Game 1?

nba finals game 1

Like two rivals countering each other in a nail-biter opening match of the Championship, NBA Finals 2022 kickstarted with the match between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. Celtics managed an impressive comeback in a thriller, clinching a 120-108 victory against the Warriors. The Celtics won the opening match with a 17-0 fourth-quarter run, making […]

Weight Loss: 12 Foods Below 100 Calories That May Help Shed Extra Kilos

Foods Below 100 Calories

Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle disorders and it increases the risk of many chronic diseases. This is why it is always suggested to indulge in a balanced diet for keeping up healthy body weight. Highlights Obesity is becoming a worldwide issue Many people fall prey to chronic diseases because of obesity Here […]

New Olympic sports Explained

New Olympic sports

New Olympic sports, explained: Karate, surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing make debuts at 2021 Games. On June 1, 2016, the International Olympic Committee made the decision to add new sports to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. It approved the addition of five sports — baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing — that would add 18 new […]

How to sign up for Apple Fitness Plus in 3 ways, and what you’ll need to subscribe

Apple Fitness Plus makes it easy to exercise from the comfort of your home.

You can sign up for Apple Fitness Plus through an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. To use Apple Fitness Plus, you’ll need to have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, along with another Apple device. Apple Fitness Plus offers new users one month free before moving on to a monthly or yearly subscription. Since […]