Fitness Poems – The Gym We Used to Pump

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We’ve run into a problem, it’s driving us insane;

Something has come between us and the gains.

Those days of lifting hard have come to a stop,

And the amount of pounds have begun to drop.

A virus has come and stopped our routines,

But we must get back to pumping by any means.

These gym halls have become empty and quiet,

No more talking weights or weekly diets.

Not just any gym, our favorite one,

The gym we used to pump until our arms became guns.

We’ve had to improvise in clever ways,

We’ve tried our best to keep going through all these delays.

But there is still hope out in the distance,

We can see the light of day with just a little persistence.

Hold onto your pre-workouts steadily,

For when the gym doors open, we’ll be ready.

This year has been rough, filled with shutdowns and strife.

The virus has taken away an important part of our lives.

But have some hope; for soon we’ll be back – somehow, someway

For we’ll be pumping iron again one of these days.


By: Play Central

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