Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

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What is flat feet?

Flat feet are also known as fallen arches. This condition is characterized by flat feet. According to studies, flat feet affect between 20% and 30% of the population. It is more common in obese people and older women.

This buying guide is for flat-footed runners. It will help you choose the right pair of running sneakers.

Avoid these 3 mistakes when searching for running shoes that fit flat feet

Do shoes exist that are designed for flat feet, or vice versa? Not exactly. Running shoes that are designed for overpronation exist, and most flat-footed runners will overpronate. Those with flat feet will find stability or motion control shoes to be comfortable.

These are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to purchase the best running shoe for flat feet.

1.     You don’t know how much support is necessary

Extra arch support is not always necessary for flat feet. Your choices will be greatly affected by whether your feet are flexible or flat.

2 types of flat feet

Flexible flat feet

Rigid flat feet

Usually arch support is pretty much clear in the absence of weight (ex. at the time of sitting, on foot, or when you laid down); it usually vanished if weight is put on the legs Arch support is not evident; which remains flat in most of the positions.
No pain seen in this case High pain can be felt in this case
Impact on both foot Impact on one foot


What running shoes should I choose?

  • Stability running shoes are best for flat feet as too much arch support can cause stress to the knees and feet.
  • Motion control running shoes are better for flat feet because they can relieve pain and discomfort.

3 running shoes

2.     It is important to remember that you need to provide support for your heel and toes.

Flat-footed runners tend to exert more force in their heel and toe areas. Therefore, running shoes that provide added support and durability in these areas is essential. These extra features make running shoes for flat feet bulkier and thicker than regular shoes.

3.     It is important to recognize the importance of shoe lasts

Arch support is not the only option for flat feet. Pay attention to the shoe’s last, or mold. This determines the shoe’s stability.

Flat-footed runners will feel more confident and less pain if they run straight last.

3 types of shoes lasts

If you have flat feet, there are some important things to keep in mind


Your running shoes should be replaced before they become worn out.

Don’t wait until your running shoes are worn out before replacing them. Experts recommend that running shoes be replaced every 300-500 miles depending on how you run, your weight, and the quality of your shoes.

one shoe

Pay attention to the midsole of your shoes if you have flat feet. The midsole provides shock absorption and the stability and motion control your feet need. The midsole will eventually wear out and no longer provide the same comfort and support. If you’ve run a lot and feel pain afterward, it is time to get a new pair.

Strengthen your feet by stretching and strengthening them

Flat feet? Keep your arches strong, and properly stretched. Stretching is important every day, for at least a few minutes after running.

stretching exercise for flat feet

Don’t ignore the pain

Running in pain can worsen your condition and increase the chance of injury. Professional help is recommended if you feel pain while running.

Flat feet running shoes of the highest quality in every category

  • Best wide flat feet running shoe: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
  • Best New Balance flat feet running shoe: New Balance Fresh Foam 990 v5
  • Best flat feet plantar fasciitis running shoe: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
  • Best over-pronation flat feet running shoe: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

There are many types of running shoes

  • Shoes with cushioning: These shoes are great for people who have high arches or hard feet Suspend. On the road, while running, weight is always positioned on the outer of the shoe.
  • Shoes for stability: These are great for people who have a tendency to pronate if you run, your weight is greater on the inside of each shoe than your feet and your arch might collapse.
  • Shoes with motion control: These offer the best stability for those who have flat feet or are severely pronators.

Shopping for shoes? Here are some tips

These are some suggestions for shopping for running shoes

  • A specialist running the shop has trained staff that can help you get fitted.
  • Before you buy the shoes, try them on in the store.
  • If your feet are swelling, don’t wear shoes at night.
  • If the shoes do not fit, ask about a return policy or guarantee.

Exercises for flat feet

Some of the examples of work-out that is doable in order to support right fallen archesTrusted Source and reduce pain. These exercises can be incorporated into your daily life and performed throughout the day.

–        Stretch your heel

–        Lifting of Arch

–        Raises of calves

–        Stair arch raises

–        Curls with Towel

–        Raises of Toes


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