4 Ways To Reinvent Your Back Workouts

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Back Workouts are therapeutic and should not be skipped as the back operates and plays a major role in providing the whole body stability, posture and balance. Many people focus the abs muscles on achieving the dream body while not paying attention to the back exercises, which results in backaches. To complement the abdominal and chest strengthening muscles, one needs to have strong upper and lower back muscles. Most of the movements made by the body include the role of the back. 

Back Workout Benefits

It is important to know the muscles targeted during a specific back exercise, so you know if you are going in the right direction; the four primary back muscles, ‘lats,’ which are at either side of your back, ‘trapezius’ in the upper back area, ‘rhomboids’ in the mid-upper back, and ‘erector spine’ which is located in the spine are usually the centers of attention while determining the types of workouts necessary. Back Workouts enhance the spinal stability and the overall body, prevent back pain, and lowers the risk of back injuries. Many muscles are interconnected with the back muscles, directly impacting safeguarding the spine and providing the torso with the required support. For a stronger, strengthened back, exercise is the way forward!

Most Popular Back Workouts

  • Resistance Band Pull-Apart

A beginners-friendly back exercise that can be easily attempted yet very effective, it mainly targets the upper back through the movement of shoulders and arms, rear deltoids, trapezius, and mid-upper back muscle rhomboids are in action during this exercise along with the shoulder muscle rotator cuff. To begin, you need a stretchable resistance exercise band; straighten your arms in front with the band in both hands, stretch the band while also bringing it near to the chest, and hold and repeat. 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps is a good start which can be stretched to 20-25 reps. 


  • Lat Pulldown

A very typical and solid in the list, Lat Pulldown is an essential exercise for a stronger back. With a machine or a resistance band, the middle and lower back muscles work during this workout while also impacting the upper back and shoulders. 1-2 sets of 6-10 reps are good for beginners, sit on a chair in the middle of resistance bands on either side at the level of your head, grip the band handles and pull them down towards the floor, and keep the body straight. 


  • Band Bent-Over Row

There are many row exercises in the Back Workout regimes, and we have picked the basic one for our readers, which is a great start to your more advanced exercises. A low resistance band is required for the exercise. Place it on the ground and stand in the middle of the band; grab either side handles in the hands tightly while the band and start pulling it up towards your chest; hold and release slowly to the original position. A beginner-friendly exercise will allow you to do many sets of as many reps as you prefer. Once perfected, you may move to other forms, such as Renegade Row and Dumbbells Row. 


  • Reverse Fly

Similar to Cable Fly just in reverse motion, this exercise is extremely important as it targets the primary muscles playing a role in enabling smooth everyday functions. Proceed with caution and advise if you have a prevalent problem of back pain or muscle weakness. You require dumbbells, to begin with, recommended of 4-5 pounds each; hold them in each hand and stand at an angle that your torso makes a 45-degree angle with the floor and joining hands in the middle, begin with stretching your arms outward, hold and slowly return to the actual position. Beginners may use a resistance band instead of dumbbells and replace them when the capacity builds up. 1-2 sets of 6-8 reps are a thumbs up for an ideal start. 



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