Best Kettlebell Workouts for Weight Loss

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Chances are high that you have never come across Kettlebell Workouts if you are not obsessed with fitness training. The kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle attached to it. Kettlebells come in two types the Russian ones made entirely out of iron which increase in size as the weight increases, and the ones for competitions that are made of steel which, regardless of the weight, stays the same size. They increase muscle strength and endurance during exercises like lunges, squats, Russian twists, pushups, and shoulder presses. Kettlebells usually cost around $10 to $100 depending on their weight; the heavier, the more expensive they get.

The traditional kettlebells come in the following weights: 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, and 32kg. If you are a beginner, you should start with, for women, 8-15 pounds, and for men, 15-25 pounds.

The most effective kettlebell workouts are


Deadlifts benefit your thighs, buttocks, and back and are an excellent way to begin your workout routine. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Place a kettlebell on the floor just outside each foot. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and engage your abdominal muscles to draw your shoulders down. To reach the kettlebell handles, push your hips back. Firmly grip kettlebells, keeping arms and back straight and feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your chest and press your hips forward until you’re standing up straight. Pause and inhale before lowering your body. Repeat 6 to 8 times. Perform 1 set to start, and work up to 3 to 4 sets as you build your strength.

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Kettlebell Swing

This exercise is ideal for increasing muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It may appear that your shoulders and arms are doing all the work, but your hips and legs should do most of the work. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings, arms, and shoulders will all be engaged. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and a kettlebell centered on the floor just in front of your feet. Roll your shoulders back and engage your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees and push your hips back. With both arms, grab the kettlebell. Inhale and quickly pull back on the kettlebell until your wrists are between your thighs and the kettlebell is slightly behind your legs, near your buttocks. Exhale as you swing the kettlebell upward and out in front of you with an explosive forward movement of your hips. Your arms should be parallel to the floor at the end. Lower your chest to the floor and push your hips back in one motion to swing the kettlebell between your legs and behind you. Repeat for another 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds before repeating for 20 seconds. As you gain strength, try to shoot for 6 to 7 sets of 20 seconds.

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Russian Twist 

This workout is done with various equipment, but the result is the same. Sit with your legs crossed and your feet flat on the floor. Lean back, holding the kettlebell handle with both hands, so your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Rotate your torso from right to left, swinging the kettlebell slightly across your body, with your heels a few inches above the floor. 6 to 8 times, rotate from side to side. Return to your starting position once you’ve completed your repetitions.

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Kettlebell Workout Benefits

There are many benefits to doing kettlebell workouts. They are amazing for cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength. These workouts work as a two-in-one workout because they are usually paired with everyday exercises like squats or lunges. Kettlebell workouts also improve our balance and stability. When carrying something heavy, our body tries harder to find equilibrium. 


Kettlebell Workout Precautions

With all its amazing benefits, there are some things to be careful of; kettlebells are heavy, so they can be a huge safety hazard if not used properly. Like with all workouts, it is important to listen to what our body wants and never overdo them because they can cause serious injuries to your back, wrist, shoulders, or forearms.


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